LJ Hooker - Point Clare

“I was one of the first agents in Australia to take on SoundsReal. Almost immediately it began to change the way I do business... I won two listings in the first week and over the months that followed I was positioned to bring on a new sales agent in a time when others were cutting back. For me it's all about promoting our personal touch and the extra mile we go to for our buyers, vendors and tenants. The SoundsReal system amplifies the personal touch in the way I can personally introduce a property and convey my sincerity. It's also clever in the way it allows me to delegate the actual task of creating the shows to my admin staff - that frees me to do what I do best."


W Estate Agents - Mosman

"I sell prestigue properties in one of Sydney's most exclusive areas, so most of the time I have vendors prepared to pay for marketing their properties. Even though I could recommend much more expensive ways to promote their properties, I prefer the efficient, effective and focused results I can achieve with a SoundsReal show. I was in marketing for many years before making my career in real estate... this product has allowed me to achieve incredible results as I market the home, our boutique agency and of course myself as a prestigue property specialist. The more I use it, the more ideas I keep having to refine the way I sell."




Walk the Talk and offer vendors the latest in advanced internet marketing strategy.

It's competitve and you need an edge. Demonstrate to your potential vendor that you have the latest systems available to maximise on the sale of their property. They rely on you to offer the best marketing and sales strategy available.
Market Yourself... Market Your Business
Winning the listing is as much about developing a sense of trust, confidence and enthusiasm as it is about your fees. More than ever it's time to focus on marketing and promoting yourself as a capable, leading-edge agent from a dynamic and technically "with it" agency. SoundsReal is desgined to allow you to create presentations for every single listing in your office as each show works to promote your name and your agency. Promotion never got cheaper or more effective than this!
Personally Branded Talking Presentations
Your logo, your colours, your face and your details. It's the ultimate sophisticated self promotional investment on the market. (And for the enthusiast - your voice!)
Voice Builds Trust
Introduce buyers to the property personally right at the moment they first learn about the home - on the web. 86% of buyers find property on the intenet and with SoundsReal the proces of explaining the benefits of any home can be achieved quickly and easily. SoundsReal is not just designed for top end properties - all listings deserve a talking tour. Develop trust in your audience and use your own voice.
Remain in Contact thoughout the Campaign
SoundsReal is a communication medium. It is in no way restricted to just talking property tours. Smart agents utlise the ability to create talking presentations to keep in touch with buyers throughout the marketing campaign - particularly properties being auctioned. Follow-up after open homes, communicate any change of pricing or conditions of sale in a professonal and concise manner.
Remain Focused on the Genuine Buyers
SoundsReal is an efficiency tool. Designed to streamline your communication you can keep all interested parties informed with regular SoundsReal presentations, leaving you to focus on the genuine buyers. Hard to catch buyers appreciate a simple email with a SoundsReal update.
e-Mail Marketing
e-Mail marketing has profound potential when you market properties to your database of potential buyers. Simply link relevant SoundsReal Talking Tours to the email being sent out. Attract buyers to add their details to your e-Mail marketing list by offering a quality service that presents property in a concise and professional way.
Buyers often feel like there is always more to see when initially entering the market. With SoundsReal you can keep a full inventory of all your properties - current and sold stock - in your pocket ready to show and educate buyers - anywhere!