Jason Rainsford

“The very first time I used SoundsReal to promote a property I had three additional buyers attend the open home - I know they were "additional" because they, each one, individually told me that they were here to see the home as a result of the talking tour. One of these went on to make an offer and buy the home. That was my first ever SoundsReal show. I sold a property in a tough market - faster (8 days) and exceeded the vendor's price expectations. SoundsReal is the best thing to happen to my business for years. It works."


"The trick is to communicate with your buyers in new and innovative ways. Buyers love a talking tour because it's easy to sit back and watch - the information is presented simply and the commentary can trun a potential shortcomming into an opportunity - regardless of what the pictures show. Buyers seem to feel like thay have already made contact with me thanks to including my own voice."



Staying ahead of the game...

Once you've won the listing (thanks to SoundsReal) attracting buyers is top priority. Statistically the average home buyer personally visits only 10 properties before buying. A strategic and concise SoundsReal Talking Tour will ensure your listings are on the short list.

Tell Them Why!

People don't like to read. Tell buyers what's special about the property and why they should inspect.

Powerful Message Delivery
Harness the incredibly pursuasive power of the human voice. A SoundsReal Talking Tour allows you to add sophistication, emotion, personality, even a sense of urgency... and best of all a call to action!
Remain in Control of the Marketing & Selling Process
Many agents have had unsatisfactory experiences with traditional virtual tour products - too much information can confuse or bury the buyer in detail. Sometimes "less is more" - give just enough information to achieve your goal and make personal contact. You're in charge of the marketing message.
Voice Builds Trust
Introduce buyers to the property personally right at the moment they first learn about the home - on the web. 86% of buyers find property on the intenet and with SoundsReal the proces of explaining the benefits of any home can be achieved quickly and easily. SoundsReal is not just designed for top end properties - all listings deserve a talking tour. Develop trust with your buyers and use your own voice.
Easy-to-View Presentations
Unlike many virtual tour products there is nothing to download when you watch a SoundsReal Talking Tour. Average Download Time: under 4 seconds
Remain Focused on the Genuine Buyers
Attracting buyers is one thing, focusing on the real buyers is another. Use SoundsReal to communicate efficiently to all interested parties thus freeing you to focus on the serious contenders. Work smarter by communicating concisely to all interested parties throughout the campaign and reduce phone tag. Buyers appreciate talking email updates.
eMail Marketing
SoundsReal agents know the value of their database and email marketing. Attract buyers to provide their email details with the promise of an informed, valuable and concise talking email rather than a follow up phone call. If the buyer is new to the market they may require time to identify their needs and understand the market. Provide a valuable service with regular talking presentations about market conditions, recent sales and the progress of the property in which they showed interest.
Podcasting - Properties in Your Pocket
Buyers are generally more informed thanks to the internet and will often be aware of properties on the market and recent sales. What they may not realise is there can be considerable variation in the actual presentation and value of property which is where your expertise as an agent kicks in. With SoundsReal you can keep a full inventory of all your properties - current and sold stock - in your pocket ready to show and educate buyers - anywhere, anytime. Ideal for use on iPhones or iPods... Demonstrate your expertise and not only attract a buyer but hold onto them until you can find the home they're looking for.
Stand Apart Online
Buyers look for an agent they can trust and respect. Use SoundsReal to identify your point-of-difference in the way you present yourself as an industry expert and facilitator of the process of buying property.